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HHS Futura – As versatile as it gets.

A puzzle-like machine.

The ultimate concept with up to 5 functions having flexibility in mind to meet your needs – in terms of technology, quantity and versatility. Complete freedom to choose the point of time of a possible extension, but in particular with regard of the many combination possibilities arising out of the five components and the base unit. The modular conception of FUTURA allows a very individual configuration fitted to the needs. Minimum 17 different installation options are available; eight of them offer even parallel production mode.


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Saddle Stitcher

A puzzle-like machine

Behind its compact dimensions, our “semi-automatic” model conceals a wide variety of functions and outstanding applied expertise. For example, format settings are adjusted without tools which mean efficient and user-friendly work in the shortest possible time; with greatly reduced personnel input, this saddle stitcher can produce up to 9,000 products per hour to meet high quality standards and without any staple misplacement. In addition, our saddel stitcher is the best in its class with a maximum format of 365 x 350 mm. Loop stitching, as an option, is also no problem for it. At Hohner, your considerations in terms of quality and cost-efficiency are taken seriously and implemented in a user-friendly manner.

The units in detail

1. Signature feeder (vertical)

Of course vertical feeders are a standard feature and at an ergonomic height designed to make an operator’s life easier! This way we can guarantee gentle sheet processing and greater volumes in the feeder. All functions such as switching on or off, setting for different sizes, switching from high folio to low folio indeed changing to vacuum opening can be performed in seconds without the need for any tools. The opening of the sheets is conducted by an inner and outer drum with grippers and/or suction cups with the option of switching the suction on each individual feeder. An adjustment/maintenance free signature inspection unit with photocell on the sword is also standard. Toothed belts ensure minimal marking when transporting sheets into the feeder. These hoppers hold an impressive 250mm stack. Specially coated metal surfaces additionally support an almost mark free sheet transportation during feeding. Individual signature dropping is controlled via a mechanical clutch on the feeder.

2. Signature feeder (horizontal)

We of course also offer a horizontal signature feeder on request. The missing-sheet notification ensures appropriate ejection through sequential monitoring. The opening elements can be automatically switched from the front high folio to low folio and suction opening completely without tools. The combination of a system with vertical and horizontal feeders is unique in this output class. This means that as a rule, all standard folding sheets can be processed, ranging from four-pagers upwards, with absolute product protection and safety. It is possible to configure a custom system by combining individual feeders. This performance spectrum is second to none!

3. Cover feeder

Our cover feeder further demonstrates the modular nature of the HSB 9.000. This ergonomically designed cover feeder works vertically. It can be loaded with more sheets than horizontal cover feeders; ideal surface protection is guaranteed and feeding runs very smoothly to the inner or outer scoring station for an accurate folding of the cover. Stripes and marks are no longer an issue. The cover folder is leader in its class with a maximum format of 640 x 360 mm (unfolded x spine length). Two pairs of grippers at the feeder drum reduce feeder speed and protect the machine as well as the sheet; an adjustment and maintenance free signature inspection unit with photocell is also standard. The folding and scoring element of the HSB 9.000 is also equipped with a double sheet control and an electronic on/off switch option for the vacuum. Just as with the vertical feeder the drop time of the sheet to the chain can be individually adjusted. The format setting is also toolless in this case for all detailed adjustments, for example setting format, centralization of the complete stack, fine setting of squareness of the score, switching from inner to outer score and vice versa, fine setting of the score pressure, finally adjustment of fold roller pressure.

4. Stitching unit

It is a proven fact that you buy experience when you choose any of our stitching heads. Once you combine them with the stitching unit of the HSB 9.000 there are many advantages for the user. The stitching unit is equipped with 2 Hohner Universal 52/8S narrow stitching heads as standard, this can also be extended to a maximum of 4 of these extremely operator friendly stitching heads. With the Universal 52/8S we have decided on the fast all-rounder from the Hohner-Narrow Stitching Head series. This head can easily handle 9.000 stitches per hour. The precise central adjustment tool of the HSB 9.000 grants an efficient adjustment of wire length and stitching thickness at the same time. A new developed stitching monitor system (without any mechnical setting) as well as a caliper control are available for optional integration, allowing by this the maximum quality control without increasing the length of the line. There is a choice of many optional exchange part sets to offer the use of various crown widths, loop diameters, and wire types. The stitching unit itself is a completely new design. The reliable gripper system (transport finger with polyurethane inlets) ensures exact positioning of staples in brochures even at maximum speed. Flexibility, speed and precision – all in your favor.

5. Trimmer

All relevant settings for a perfect three sided cut are easily adjusted by hand without the need for tools in a matter of minutes. Even two-up production (optional) can be adjusted in only minutes. Innovative gear box technology allows gentle braking of the belts, so that even products travelling at higher speed are slowed down gently as they arrive at the backstops. Quiet running and cutting accuracy characterize this trimmer. The knives are combined in a yoke and are guided by six lineal bearings. This results in a totally accurate guide system which does not allow any movement, ensuring an extremely long life of the blades. For optimum protection of the surface of the product, the transportation belts come to a complete standstill during the cutting process. Quality - a Hohner strength.

6. Conveyer table

Hohner offers the right conveyer table for all applications. Connecting other units, including units from other manufacturers or Hohner delivery devices such as compensating stackers or shingle conveyors, are connected here.

7. Touch Screen

This intelligent electronic control system makes all HSB 9.000 processes run smoothly. For example, the programmable logic controller (PLC) enables infinitely variable speed control in real time (~1,000–9,000 cycles/hour). Individual feeders are switched on and off manually. Thickness monitoring, as well as missing-sheet detection, is centrally controlled and monitored. Furthermore, the PLC controls the synchronous filling and emptying of the collecting chain (cascade connection) as well as the total and partial total counter with shingle marking. Error messages in the event of paper jams, missing sheets, unsealed protective covers, etc., are indicated optically via a signal lamp and additionally as image and text information on the display. The generous 15'' touch display is ergonomic and modern, providing an immediate overview of the relevant machine settings and information. Even error messages down to the sensor level are visualized, helping you to find simple and immediate solutions in the event of a fault. This is intelligence that saves time!

8. Shingle delivery

The Hohner shingle delivery will automatically batch products on the delivery belt. An optional offset conveyer allows more time to bundle, as it alternates batches either side of the delivery belt. This gives you more order and easy recognition during production. Thinking for the customer – another Hohner quality.

9. Compensating stacker 

It combines simple and rugged design with convincing performance values with automatic control and time-saving ease of operation.

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