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Narrow stitching heads

Variety, flexibility and legendary quality

The success story of HOHNER narrow stitching heads goes back to Germany’s economic miracle years ago and begins with UNIVERSAL, which was used both in HOHNER wire-stitching machines and in machines from other manufacturers. Today the HOHNER product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of high-quality narrow stitching heads that differ according to where they are used, and are installed wherever maximum precision and productivity are required. HOHNER narrow stitching heads are appreciated by postpress professionals all over the world because of their legendary quality and reliability.


Sascha Schmidt

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Hohner Schmalheftkopf Universal-43-60S

Universal 43/6-S

The Hohner-Mini

Hohner Schmalheftkopf Universal 52/8S

Universal 52/8-S

The Fast All-Rounder

Hohner Schmalheftkopf Universal 70/20

Universal 70/20

The Indestructible

Hohner Schmalheftkopf M45/6

M 45/6

The Eliminator

Hohner Schmalheftkopf M 55/L

M 55/L

The Eliminator-Loop

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By the way, did you know …

  • ...the Hohner-Mini, our Universal 43/6-S produces a minimum distance of up to 43 mm?
  • ...that for almost every wire stitching application we are able to offer a Hohner stitching head?
  • ...we even offer an 8 mm loop stitching head?
  • ...the Universal 52/8-S continues to be the most flexible and versatile in the market?
  • ...on all our stitching heads both wire and leg length are adjustable without the need of any tools?
  • ...the Universal 70/20 is the best for high product thickness?
  • ...with a single M45/6 you can replace three Müller Martini stitching heads (HK 75, 55 und 45)?
  • ...with the M55/L you can do loop stitching on Müller Martini, Osako und Purlux saddle stitchers?
  • ...even for the elder Heidelberg saddle stitchers we can still offer you our ST43 and ST55/L (loop) stitching heads?