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Saddle stitchers

Intelligent solutions for greater productivity

Simple operation, quick changeover times and uncompromising quality are the advantages that make the HOHNER brand a valued partner in the innovation-driven postpress processing market. Our portfolio of complete saddle stitching systems covers a broad spectrum of requirement profiles. In an analysis of your requirements, we can quickly determine whether the modular HSB 13.000, the tool-free HSB 9.000, or the modular DIGI-FS 9 feature the right performance profile for you.


Sascha Schmidt

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Modulare Sammelheftmaschine HSB 13.000

HSB 13.000

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By the way, did you know …

  • ...our DIGI- FS9 helps you save at least one production step?
  • ...Hohner’s DIGI-Finishers are the NO. 1 digital finisher in China?
  • ...HSB lines offer the possibility of inline Euro punching?
  • ...Hohner saddle stitchers can perforate or punch inline?
  • ...the HSB 9.000 grants shortest setup times thanks to universal and fully tool-less setting of the machine?
  • ...the HSB 9.000 can also be produced with an inline cross-fold combination line?
  • ...we are the only one to offer a saddle stitcher in the category of the HSB 9.000 that offers a single feeder system allowing all different types and configurations of feeders?
  • ...on our saddle stitchers you do not need different stitching heads for different stitching thickness?
  • ...our saddle stitches are designed on a modular principle that allows you to configure a machine that is individually fit to your needs?
  • ...we use a uniform realtime drive system with servo technology on all of our saddle stitchers ?
  • ...the operation systems on all of our saddle stitchers for every model is the same, easy and self-explanatory? It is based on the principle “keep it simple.”
  • ...Hohner saddle stitchers are the only ones that offer the possibility to configure horizontal and vertical feeders in free combination to fit your exact needs?
  • ...the HSB 13.000 is the only saddle stitcher that is able to grant a fully automated stitching head system with 6 heads at max speed of 13.000 1/h with a perfect, flawless saddle stitching?
  • ...the HSB 13.000 of Hohner, a company that in comparison to some of their competitors is a rather small company, is even a step ahead of them?