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    zufriedene Mitarbeiter der Hohner Maschinenbau GmbH


Technology by people for people

Even if innovative technologies and solutions are our passion, it is people who are at the centre of Hohner’s attention and whose unmistakable talents and qualities make our success possible in the first place. Without such widely varied human abilities such as creativity and intelligence, diligence and giving due care, or responsibility and creating rapport, there would be no Hohner and there would be no "Perfection in Postpress". Let’s hear it for the people who make Hohner what it is every day anew!

Peter Schöllhorn

CEO | Hohner Maschinenbau GmbH

“It is a great honor for me to be permitted to lead our company in the 3rd generation and to be able to contribute my vision so that Hohner can be forward-looking and crisis-proof as it proceeds into the future."

Susanne Schöllhorn

Marketing & PR

Christoph Heni

Head of Engineering

Willy Heinecke

Head of IT

Viktoria Barancev

Sales Executive

Lukasz Powroznik

Sales Executive

Sascha Schmidt

Head of Sales

Werner Orner

Head of Finance and Accounting

Chris Luz


We say thank you to our employees worldwide!