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HHS Futura – As versatile as it gets.

A puzzle-like machine.

This ultimate concept with up to five feeding functions that grows with your needs and flexibility thanks to its modularity - in terms of technology, quantity and versatility. Complete freedom to choose the point of time of a possible extension of the many combination possibilities arising out of the five components and the base unit. The modular concept of the FUTURA allows a very individual configuration fitted to your needs. More than 20 different configurations are available; some of them even offer parallel production mode.


Sascha Schmidt

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Many needs – one answer: HHS-Futura

Given our expertise of saddle stitching and being the market leader in stitching heads, it’s no surprise we recognize the market’s needs. A combination of experience with our hybrid saddle stitcher models DIGI-Finisher and DIGI-FS9, along with the growing list of customer needs, led to the HHS-FUTURA 9. A machine concept that offers unrestricted expandable configuration possibilities for the long run, while also taking into account the trend of smaller runs with continuously increasing variety and more individualized products. You cannot change the wind but you can adjust the sails, and the HHS-FUTURA 9 allows exactly just that, thanks to infinite freedom with the modular configuration of five different feeding systems capable to be connected with an open concept. That’s one of a kind.


Added value for efficiency

In addition to the winning argument of flexibility for the long run, the FUTURA includes advantages to improve efficiency. Depending on the level of configuration, the concept also delivers potential for savings compared to the competitor’s alternatives. The FUTURA can provide reduced energy cost, less environmental emission, as well as less space and less operators. According to the chosen expansion phase of combinations, the FUTURA has the capability of doing the job of which would normally require at least two separate machines. All of this goes along with a clear and manageable investment cost.