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Hohner has been an engineering company over 90 years and for over 65 years has specialised in the design and manufacture of wire stitching equipment. This company philosophy of specialisation in a particular field of technology has allowed Hohner to develop into a global brand for narrow stitching heads, saddle stitchers and wire stitching machines. This development has its origin in the company philosophy: the central element of which is not short term thinking but the long term perspective.



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Internationality and a down-to-earth environment, innovation and tradition, constant change and sustainability: working at Hohner means experiencing and helping shape the best of very different worlds every day. [...]

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Mitarbeiter machen Karriere bei Hohner Maschinenbau


Hervé Lesseur,

TagG Informatique | CEO

... Forget the mass campaigns with several hundred thousand recipients but also the waves of e-mailings - certainly quite economic but often with the riskiest fallout. We are now entering a period of maturation where each technique naturally finds its place. Thus, today, at TagG we print and customize starting from the blank sheet with total variability, it is the CMYK customization. To go even further, by using the know-how of our internal Research and Development team, we developed Ultraflex: The customization that allows the adaptation to your requirements: format, paper, content, images... for truly unique messages. At TagG, more than ever, innovation and creativity dictate our daily lives. The decision to choose the new Hohner HHS-FUTURA Hybrid Finisher, which will be installed in spring 2022, is perfectly in line with our philosophy. In addition, Hohner's experience in the world of industrial saddle stitching, the robustness of the equipment, the ease of its use and the way in which it can adapt to the different needs of the market have enhanced our choice significantly."

Bruno Arasa,


... We believe that the future of print is moving towards less quantity but more efficiency through better targeting and increased personalization allowing for greater added value. The choice for the new Hohner HHS-FUTURA finishing line this summer, being the first in France, corresponded exactly to our expectations in terms of flexibility since it is prepared to absorb jobs from offset, digital, mixed printing and offers wonderful prospects in terms of data variability and personalization of the products. We also found this same flexibility in the relationship with Hohner and all its members.“

Takashi Yanagawa,

FFGS/Fuji Film |

... Hohner perfectly fits in our strategy and product portfolio as they demonstrate a great flexibility and willingness to adapt and customize machines to our needs. We have immediately noticed the very high technology behind their engineering and have considered Hohner saddle stitchers and DIGI-Finishers to be attractive for us and the Japanese market. The partnership with Hohner works well, because they are really interested to understand the particular requirements of our market. In terms of Management the shows the right personality; but really, the whole team proves flexibility and speed on demand with a serious attitude of continuous improvement. We look forward to growing this partnership further to a successful business in Japan for a long future in our mutual interest."

Michael Pfisterer,

Gmähle-Scheel Print-Medien GmbH | Proxy/Technical Director

... and being faced with new market requirements. Speed and reliable stitching quality were both key criteria at this point in time. It is in this advisory phase for our new investment that we have known and appreciated Hohner as a true innovative partner who really listened diligently to our needs. Today we run the HSB 13.000 for the fourth year and can certify Hohner reliability up to even the After Sales Service. My overall impression: Innovation-driven built machinery‚ made in Germany!“

Arndt Horn,

Heinrich Steuber GmbH + Co. | Sales Manager Postpress & Binding Technology

... Today, by the introduction of their automated saddle stitcher Hohner has evolved to a SME company with a clear core competence in the saddle stitching process and with a number of products for which they may successfully claim the market leader position. And not enough with that, they are the only German Company left in this field. At Steuber we rely on Hohner’s innovative products, as they guarantee high quality standards, reliability and sustainability. It is not for nothing, that also other machines in the Steuber portfolio like for instance the Theisen + Bonitz machines, are exclusively using the stitching heads of the market leader. Moreover, Hohner proves customer proximity and short decision processes.In a word: Hohner is a trustful, competent partner with an attractive modern overall appearance, lived and shared by all the staff, which already reflects the precision behind all that."

Bo Zhu,

Zhejiang Lanbao Machinery Co.,Ltd | Managing Director

... about the higher price level of the Hohner stitching heads. So we have followed the smart proposal of Hohner Nanjing to go for a test phase with Hohner heads at one of our final customers with the result that all of us have been convinced of the extraordinary quality of Hohner’s stitching heads; with 10 stitching heads per machine it’s evident that a defect head causes a production stop each time, which means a high cost for our customers. In the meantime we equip all our machines with hundreds of the reliable Hohner stitching heads 43/6 and 52/8 per year and in this way help our customers to save money. Hohner to us means definitely quality that pays off.“

Zhenmin Dong,

Tianjin Shiwei | Plant manager

... which should match our expectations towards speed, product variety, flexibility and fast customer service and granting next to that the highest technological reliability. The DIGI-Finisher fulfils all that; it has been the perfect decision for us; the fact of having right a year later another second line of the same type, is probably the best proof.“