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Hohner is always on the move

The areas where innovation determines the order of the day, there is often something new to report. Today, the postpress industry faces new challenges almost every day, and we at Hohner are already working feverishly today on the solutions of tomorrow and the day after. We can promise you that there will be interesting news from Hohner also in the future! Come back and visit us here from time to time and learn about new ideas and approaches, promising collaboration, innovative products and solutions, and much more...

The Postpress Alliance - Stay connected

In the spirit of their slogan “we connect” The Postpress Alliance keeps going with their cooperation between the companies Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, Herzog+Heymann, Hohner Maschinenbau, MBO, Wohlenberg and Perfecta during the period to the new show time of Drupa from April 20-30, 2021. he Postpress Alliance welcomes and supports the decision of the exhibition management of Messe Dusseldorf to postpone the world’s largest show in the printing industry due to the corona pandemic; safety and responsible acting come first in times like this even more than ever.

After the dotcom bubble, the stock crash, and the Euro crisis, the corona virus hits our economies in a never experienced force. Nevertheless, the seven companies who have put a lot effort, enthusiasm and passion into the preparation of drupa, are looking forward positively. Assess the situation, acknowledge the challenge and react with the suitable contemporary approach and a clear and transparent vision, that’s what counts presently. Accordingly, The Postpress Alliance responds to this challenge with innovative ideas, courage and confidence.

The alliance members will come with a series of measures going from video demonstrations to many other alternative activities not only to support the daily business in the best possible way, but also to launch all of their planned Drupa novelties to the industry within a reasonable time frame. The Postpress Alliance strongly believes in the importance of a trustful cooperation and counts on reliable partnerships on both ends, suppliers and customers, all with the hope to soon be “back to normal” and still have a successful Drupa 2021.

In the meantime, the alliance members are looking forward to their first joint Open House on Hohner’s premises in Tuttlingen in November 2020. The challenge could hardly be bigger, but together with strong partners we will for sure overcome this difficult phase. Therefore, for today we simply remain with the words: Stay connected!