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Hohner is always on the move

The areas where innovation determines the order of the day, there is often something new to report. Today, the postpress industry faces new challenges almost every day, and we at Hohner are already working feverishly today on the solutions of tomorrow and the day after. We can promise you that there will be interesting news from Hohner also in the future! Come back and visit us here from time to time and learn about new ideas and approaches, promising collaboration, innovative products and solutions, and much more...

State-of-the-Art German Engineering

It’s common knowledge: with their saddle stitchers, regardless whether conventional or digital, small wire stitching machines and their worldwide renowned narrow stitching heads, Hohner stands for the highest ease of use and perfection in the postpress industry. Market oriented development and the integration of customer driven requirements have always been in the focus of Hohner’s activities so it’s not a big surprise that also the most recent 2020 novelty of Hohner implicates again a concept in this direction. Much more surprising however, is the result. The outcome is a real revolutionary and future oriented multifunctional line for conventional as well as digital converting. This again follows the typical Hohner philosophy and aim of maximum flexibility and extreme converting variety to all regards.

What exactly does the added value consist of and what are the advantages that the customer may really expect? This new Hohner Hybrid Stitching (HHS) line not only provides with its multifunctional concept the possibility to manage the most different ways of converting, but also a long-lasting future in terms of expandability. It allows printing companies in times of permanently changing and evolving markets with so called mix production to adapt to their needs. Hohner customers stay free to select their customized status of expansion by choosing their configuration up to the full version gradually and as times may require it. It is evident, this solution represents a safe investment into the future. Depending on the individual level of expansion this means reduced energy cost, going along with reduced environmental emission compared to other prior solutions in the market, and offers great potential to reduce personnel and space compared to currently known alternatives. Thus, it may not seem exaggerated to say: this new concept and development will fill a gap in the market.

Better Than Ever – HSB Series
Not enough news yet – the two Hohner saddle stitchers with the shortest set-up times in the market have undergone an additional evolution. The HSB 9.000 continues to be the one and only saddle stitcher in its class offering a single feeder as well as leaving free choice in terms of combination between vertical and/or horizontal feeders. The machine can also be configured with a crossfold solution thanks to the cooperation between MBO and Hohner. Moreover, Hohner’s own stacker completes the line’s capabilities further in even the last step of the flow of the line. The components of Beckhoff enable additional possibilities regarding software and overall process management of the line. Last but not least, thanks to the diligent Hohner eye on ease of use, the HSB 9.000 disposes a fully graphic 15 inch touchscreen providing an improved openness in the control of all functions. After-sales is another important aspect. Following the current trends, remote diagnostics and remote software updates have become a standard working tool; and even smart augmented reality glasses are another contemporary option to get support out of Hohner’s headquarters. On the fully automated HSB 13.000, a new release update with many software and mechanical novelties delivers again more user comfort. The first news for instance is the compact horizontal sheet feeder PAL that could be placed at any position for easy handling of plane sheets. Another special technical innovation will be introduced with this release on the fully automated trimmer set-up, where the mechanical and drive technical decoupling (separation) of head and foot trim will provide a real advantage for the user: the easiest and fastest installation of the double-up production. Furthermore, the Hohner stacker who proves its performance even with bulky products and can also be delivered with a lifting table to grant a safe stacking of the brochures. For the flagship of their HSB series Hohner offers smart AR glasses just like the HSB 9.000.

Untouched and unsurpassed stays the extremely wide format range of the HSB 13.000 with a maximum uncut width of 350 mm per sheet – an absolute USP in its class. That’s still not all; in the spirit of industry 4.0 the topics of data connection, transmission and management are taken seriously, thus the MIS system. As of now Hohner’s HSB 13.000 can be equipped with a MIS system on demand, which will answer to the need of flexibility with regard to open interfaces. The state-of–the-art tool will support the printing company to monitor performance, productivity and efficiency, briefly the overall economics of the line and the job through all relevant process data.

Curious? Rightly so! Set up an appointment with one of the Hohner technology consultants right away! The Hohner team will be glad to personally demonstrate the novelties – no matter whether in-person or with a live demo.