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    Gebäudeaufnahme Hohner Postpress in Tuttlingen


Hohner is always on the move

The areas where innovation determines the order of the day, there is often something new to report. Today, the postpress industry faces new challenges almost every day, and we at Hohner are already working feverishly today on the solutions of tomorrow and the day after. We can promise you that there will be interesting news from Hohner also in the future! Come back and visit us here from time to time and learn about new ideas and approaches, promising collaboration, innovative products and solutions, and much more...

Alliance Days 2020 - A benchmarking event

Excited visitors, many innovative features, upbeat moral and delighted faces on the side of the exhibitors, that’s probably the best way to describe the first Alliance Days of the Postpress Alliance that took place from November 24 – 27, 2020. The decision for the launch of this event between companies Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, H+H, Hohner Maschinenbau, MBO Postpress Solutions, Perfecta and Wohlenberg, was made only in late summer this year and comes along with a completely new hybrid concept. The according platform has been professionally and successfully designed in close cooperation with the Marketing Agency Commacross. The perfect mix between virtual world on one hand and the available Video-Live-Demos held in the exhibitors’ real showrooms, offered the latest news of the six strong partner brands for the print finishing.

Visitors were able to move, real show alike, in a very intuitive way on the two-story exhibition surface and had the chance to get informed about the different highlights of the exhibiting companies. Various movies, PDFs, and animations were emphasising the novelties. A special focus was set on connectivity as a key topic in the hospitality lounge in the second floor of the building. The Postpress Alliance has highlighted this subject in particular from different sides about KP Connect, MBO Datamanager 4.0, MIS and Prepress Workflow. The companies were able to concisely and effectively demonstrate the possibilities of integration and delivered the proof of a digitalisation in progress in the sense of industry 4.0 with regard to the postpress segment of the printing industry. The number of visitors on the virtual platform is a self-explanatory indicator of positive feedback. With almost 1000 registered visitors who entered the showroom in 1870 sessions to visit the brand and product worlds. The Postpress Alliance is very satisfied with the result of this new element within their communication concept. All the new leads and projects arising from this event will now be carefully evaluated and followed up in the upcoming weeks.


In addition to the virtual exhibition video, live demos via video conferencing tools have been another important and successful part of the Alliance Days. The initial worry of having contact with visitors in regards to the technology was erased quite quickly. Every company has followed an individual way of proceeding, each of them granting customers the direct dialogue with the contact to the machinery company and allowing them to raise specific questions. The available time window offered even interested visitors from regions in Asia and America enough occasions to make use of the time slots for live demos. In this way the companies have held during the four days overall 185 live demos. Even now the organizers are in agreement, that the Alliance Days have for sure not been the last ones. Although all Alliance members are definitely missing the personal contact with their clients and business partners, the concept itself delivers a perfect alternative in times of reduced possibilities with the pandemic. And most probably even on the long run, these new digital paths of communication will continue to keep a certain level of importance. The fast and easy overcoming of distances as well as the accessibility of product novelties from every corner of the world at any time have become a status quo and are expected rightly by customers as a standard. It is in this spirit that the Postpress Alliance will continue to use this created space of the virtual exhibition and fill it with life also in the future. The 365 days a year open showroom will bear the name Postpress Alliance World and will be periodically updated. Its contents will consistently ring the changes and create exciting moments for the customers.

„After the fair is before the fair“ – and it is in this direction that the industry may already be anxious to see the next edition of the Alliance Days. But now to the technological highlights that have been in the centre of interest of the Alliance Days.

H+H have been convincing in particular with the automated M9.60 folding machine, equipped with 16 buckle plates. To demonstrate live how the machine can be set from one product to another within only three minutes, has been more than impressive. Customers were also excited about the small fold machine concept S45. In January yet, H+H will widen its product range again on the virtual platform with a stirring mailing line. Live video demos are anticipated for the entire year 2021 and can be booked by interested customers at any time.

BOGRAMA went “ALL-IN“ and die cut poker sets on their playing-card-production-line. This interesting line consists of a rotary die-cutting machine BSR 550 Servo and the new card-play delivery ACC 550 HS and disposes of an interface for all potential aggregates of downstream processes, such as for example cellophane wrapping machines. The line produces 2000 full card sets per hour. The according packaging for the card sets was die-cut on their fold-boxmachine. This new concept of first creasing than die cutting achieves the highest scoring quality. The line is designed in a modular way and includes two inline installed rotary die-cutting machines BSR 550 Servo, the shredder SH 550 for the chopping of the die-cut scrap web and the new stacker STA 550 R. The product range of BOGRAMA is rounded up by the rotary die-cut machine BSR 550 basic. This compact and inexpensive offline machine has been purposely conceived for users who aim for an economical and efficient production of smaller and medium size jobs.


Hohner said “curtain up“ for their new HHS-FUTURA, the answer to the market needs with continuously smaller circulation figures and an increase in personalisation. The concept represents the most modular and flexible converting line for saddle stitching in the market to date. Integral fixed part of the FUTURA is the solid trimmer and the reliable, proven stitching unit of the HSB 9.000. Basing on this, the customer has the free choice between five different modular feeding systems that may be configured according to their needs. No matter whether saddle stitcher solution with four available, freely combinable feeders, whether cross folding solution, foldstitcher, collating tower or digital solution (from pile sheet feeder or from a roll) – this concept has a solution ready for every request and task. A completely new launch in this context is the collating tower designed by Hohner themselves with the according 90° delivery. Infinitely free on the long run and expandable at any time thanks to open interfaces. The machine even offers the integration of alternative foldstitchers and crossfolding units. Not surprising at all, at the Alliance Days Hohner obviously proposed the FUTURA with the crossfolding machine K70 and the bucklefolding machine T50 out of the range of their Alliance Partner MBO Postpress Solutions.


The overall concept allows in this way 17 different configuration alternatives, eight of them even in parallel production mode. To this versatile offer visitors of both, virtual showroom as well as live video demos, have reacted with excitement. On the fully automated HSB 13.000 Hohner surpasses with the newly incorporated airblowing injector system on their signature feeders; this allows the production at again higher speed up to the actual 13.000 cycles. This new principle implicates the selective addition of a blown air stream on the signature in order to hold it stable on the chain at high speed. This situation typically causes the unilateral take off of the sweeping signature when hit by the carrier. Also the suction opening works smoothly on the HSB 13.000 up to a maximum speed of 13.000 cycles. More added value comes from optimisations of the two-up device delivering now a set-up time reduced by 50%.

Baumannperfecta - The Future is now - With the premiere of the world's first and unique fully automatic jogging and cutting system baumannperfecta sets benchmarks for automation solutions in printfinishing and emphasizes the claim of technological leadership in their segment. Among the highlights of the exhibition program were shown the new Baumann Automatic Shaker System BASA evolution for the automated jogging, the new generation of cutting machine Cutting 4.0 for the complete integration into the workflow. Thanks to the modular concept at the base of all baumannperfecta solutions also smaller companies now have the chance to already lay the foundations for a future-oriented automation line and to expand gradually. At the same occasion, customers take the advantage of most advanced technologies as for instance the efficient air-knife technology or further developments such as the new cutting cell for significantly longer knife life. Efficient, flexible, and sustainable solutions - into the future TOGETHER with baumannperfecta.



The Highlight of MBO Postpress Solutions was the CoBo-Stack twin installation. The demonstration delivered the proof that only one operator can handle two machines at the same time. Therefore a K8 and a K8RS combi folding machine were installed mirrored to each other. During the setup time of K8 for another production, K8RS continued to perpetually produce an A4 16-pager. The operator could fully focus on setting the K8, as the CoBo-Stack in the meantime picked up and placed the folded signatures completely independently. With its new universal control concept the stacking delivery MBO A80 contributes to increased efficiency. Now it is possible to adjust all settings from every display of the machine. That means the folding machine can be operated from the delivery and vice-verse. Moreover, thanks to the curved table KT90 the CoBo-Stack had to only be moved aside during the make-ready phase, instead of being turned by 90°, meaning additionally savings on the setup time. The illustrated efficient production circumstances have induced the excitement of quite a lot customers. Besides the CoBo-Stack twin installation MBO has also presented their K80 combi folder with a new feeder head Vacujet. The K80 shows a very good price-performance-ratio, since many of the typical MBO features such as the slitter shaft cassette and the sheet alignment by vacuum belts (VIVAS) are already included in the standard configuration.


Wohlenberg allowed their customers on the virtual platform during the Alliance Days to learn more about their perfect binder Quickbinder Edition Digital in combination with a trilateral trimmer D09. As an in-line version these machines represent the smallest inline booklet production line with up to 2000 cycles/hour of Wohlenberg. The Edition Digital enables a thickness variable production with the perfectbinder as well as the trilateral trimmer and offers the printing finisher a unique possibility to produce inline booklets with different product thicknesses also for short runs. Moreover the Quickbinder continues to deliver a unique variety of optional equipment, as for example the lining station as well as all perfect binding technologies. Wohlenberg is ready for the next step.