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HSB 9.000 - The Toolless One

The middle ground – operator friendly & economic

The  HSB 9.000 is the ideal solution if you are looking for a semi-automatic saddle binder for finishing folded sheets in small and medium runs. Hidden behind a compact footprint is our “HSB 9.000”, well designed and capable of a wide range of formats.


Uwe Buhmann

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Technical Information

The technical details give you an overview of the performance of the HSB 9.000.

 Standard formatSmall format (optional)
Maximum Format:

365 x 340 mm, trimmed
365 x 350 mm, untrimmed

95(*80) x 60 mm; *untrimmed (Front trim only)
Minimum Format:105 x 75 mm, trimmed
105 x 105 mm, untrimmed
95 x 60 mm, trimmed
75 x 60 mm, trimmed;
with punch cutting device;
70 x 60 mm, trimmed
punch cutting device 9mm
Maximum cutting thickness:10 mm10 mm
Maximum stitching thickness:5 mm 
Maximum distances in trimmer: 


50 mm for front trim
each 50 mm for head and foot trim

Number of stitching heads:

up to 4 centrally adjustable HOHNER Narrow Stitching Heads UNIVERSAL 52/8S
Standard crown widths 14 mm,
(Optional widths: 8 mm, 16 mm)
(Optional loop inner diameter -ø: 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm)
(Optional with HOHNER Narrow Stitching Heads UNIVERSAL 43/6S)

Maximum stacking length of vertical feeder:approx. 250 mm (depending on paper)
Signature opening:by vacuum suction or for maximum 8 mm pre or 5 mm post creases also by grippers, maximum 20 mm pre and post creases.
Speed:1.000 – 9.000 products per hour (infinitely variable) 
Supply voltage:400 Volt, 3 phases, 50 Hz

Subject to technical changes