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HSB 9.000 - The Toolless One

The middle ground – operator friendly & economic

The  HSB 9.000 is the ideal solution if you are looking for a semi-automatic saddle binder for finishing folded sheets in small and medium runs. Hidden behind a compact footprint is our “HSB 9.000”, well designed and capable of a wide range of formats.


Uwe Buhmann

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Equipment variants

Behind its compact dimensions, our “semi-automatic” model conceals a wide variety of functions and outstanding applied expertise. For example, format settings are adjusted without tools which mean efficient and user-friendly work in the shortest possible time; with greatly reduced personnel input, this saddle stitcher can produce up to 9,000 products per hour to meet high quality standards and without any staple misplacement. In addition, the HSB 9.000 is the best in its class with a maximum format of 365 x 350 mm. Loop stitching, as an option, is also no problem for it. At Hohner, your considerations in terms of quality and cost-efficiency are taken seriously and implemented in a user-friendly manner.



Additional options

  • Small format version
  • Economical LED lighting for all feeders
  • Inline hole punching and die punching
  • Capture of production data
  • Camera systems (feeder) for quality monitoring (image comparison and barcode)
  • Remote diagnostics option and augmented reality for service (incl. video conference tool/Smartglasses)
  • Enhanced operating modes (such as variable suction timing in all feeder designs)
  • Hohner compensating stacker or other third-party products can be integrated
  • Service packages