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ST 55/L

The Challenger-Loop ... here is where the circle comes to a close ...

The ST 55/L is the perfect solution for loop stitching on the Heidelberg ST 400 and ST 450 saddle binders.

  • Specially designed for the Heidelberg ST 400 and 450  saddle binders.
  • Toolless wire length and cutting box adjustment for different thicknessess in seconds
  • Optional 8 mm loop with exchangeable parts sets


Sascha Schmidt

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Technical Information

ParameterST 55/L
Loop stitching
Inner diameter of loop 6 mm
–> max. stitching thickness4 mm
Min. distance between staples54 – 60 mm
Crown width16 mm
Stitching wire No. 24 – 26 (0,6 – 0,5 mm)
Optional exchange parts 
Inner diameter of loop 8 mm
–> max. stitching thickness3 mm
Min. distance between staples55 – 60 mm
Crown width16 mm
Wire No. 24 - 26 (0,6 - 0,5 mm)

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