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    Hohner Maschinenbau Firmengelände in Tuttlingen


Specialisation Creates Competence

Hohner has been an engineering company over 90 years and for over 65 years has specialised in the design and manufacture of wire stitching equipment. This company philosophy of specialisation in a particular field of technology has allowed Hohner to develop into a global brand for narrow stitching heads, saddle stitchers and wire stitching machines. This development has its origin in the company philosophy: the central element of which is not short term thinking but the long term perspective.


What distinguishes us from our competitors? What is it that gives our products their legendary reputation? Our many years of experience, the reliability and longevity of our products and our innovative strength are certainly aspects that contribute to this success. But if Hohner were to be reduced to a single denominator, it would probably be our proximity to our customers that sets us apart. Since we really know and understand the needs of our customers, we can create solutions that move them forward.


»Like many companies from the Tuttlingen region, the world centre of medical technology, Hohner Maschinenbau began as a manufacturer of medical instruments.«

A success timeline

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Technology by people for people

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Hohner stands for - perfection in postpress - and is a customer- and future-oriented, globally focused company that concentrates on the development and production of innovative, application-flexible and technologically high-precision systems for postpress finishing based on many years of experience and competence.

Mission statements