Exact Plus
The semi-automatic

This stitching machine with handfeeding stations allows:
  • Standard stitching and loop stitching or mixed applications.
  • The difference between this machine and conventional saddle binders is the ability to gather and stitch unusual formats or paper weights.
  • Subsequent extension of up to 6 stations.  
  • Highest efficiency with up to 4000 cycles per hour.
  • Gentle brochure transportation via double carriers to prevent damage to the product.
  • Can be equipped with up to 4 Universal 43/6 narrow stitching heads.
  • Fast conversion to “staggered stitch” production.
  • High amount of flexibility for small runs and sample stitching, as well as oversized formats
  • Brochure format (spine x head/tail): 100 x 80 mm to 430 x 340 mm